Design and art direction of the sixth edition
of Nuit Blanche Metz, an annual all-night arts festival taking place in the city of Metz (France).

   The graphics are based on a simple question: “How to sum up one night in one image?”. A possible answer was found in the concept of star trails.
This photographic process creates stunning natural patterns and reveals the spectacular hidden beauty of the night sky. A nice analogy to what Nuit Blanche (literally “White Night”) is all about.

   Taking advantage of the backlighting system of display panels as well as duplex printing, the idea for the poster campaign was to prefigure the event
by creating two levels of communication. The diurnal version of the posters is mostly informative while the nocturnal one is a purely “gratuitous” and abstract image foreshadowing the visual experience proposed by the festival in the whole city.

   Project initiated with Olivier Raimbaud and Matthieu David. Star trail photos by Lincoln Harrison.


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Poster by day Poster by night How to sum up one night in one image? How to sum up one night in one image? How to sum up one night in one image? Detail Detail Detail Invitation Landmark Bus Billboard Poster Poster by night Billboard by night

Nuit Blanche Metz, 2013