Selection of book covers designed for Occur Books.

   Founded in 2084, Occur Books is an earth-based publisher focusing on science, technology, history, society and philosophy. I've been art directing
the company's book collection since its creation.


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Exploring the Fourth Dimension Jetpacking Away From Your Problems Discovering Black Holes Too Much Is Too Much: The Fall of Google The Ultimate Atlas of the Universe The Grandfather Paradox: Dangers of Time Travel Parallel Universes Don't Drink and Teleport The Day Machines Took Over The World Wide Web War The Encyclopedia of Virtual Reality How to Seduce an Alien Life Form The Death of Mirrors Going Down A Brief History of Time Travel How to Prepare for the Big Crunch The Infinite Screen or The Death of Social Life A Guide to Mars' Best Tables The Neuro-Prison Conundrum String Theory Explained to Children Space & Time: A Love Story Zero-G vs G-spot: A Guide to Space Sex Beyond the Edge of the Cosmos Thinking BIG: The Life and Work of Bjarke Ingels The Rudiments of Traveling Through Wormholes

Occur Books, 2015